How to Join a CHITTAUM Community ACTION Circle

Join in hand
Photo credit: Mike Wells

If you toss the term ‘inequality’ into a room full of international economists…

Fierce arguments break out along fine academic divisions. Inadequacies of statistics are cited. Accusations about motives fly… Now, I’m not one for frittering away time on contorted academic debates while people are starving to death. (Rothkopf 2008, pp. 64-65)

The CHITTAUM Community Website & the ACTION Circles|Forum

were created to reflect our painful and urgent human conditions—to offer immediate response. In the ACTION Circles|Forum members discuss which actions offer the best immediate help for our affliction. Discussions and debates must stay focused on the best prevention and solutions to elect and integrate into our daily lives.

To become a CHITTAUM Community member one simply gives time or resources to an elected project of a specific ACTION circle—we weave our new understanding into our way of being.

The problems discussed are complex and seem overwhelming but most solutions—which we focus on—are simple.

You—one person—can make a big difference by being part of the solution. As Theodore Roosevelt suggested:

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.


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